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Academic Ability

Academic Ability


Fundamental Japanese

1. Pronounce correctly.

2. Basic dialogue, two-way conversation.

Advanced Japanese

1. Clearly express ideas.

2. Communicate in real-life situation.

Highly-advanced Japanese

1. Converse wide-ranging topics with extensive vocabulary.

2. Use proper Japanese idioms to express ideas.

3. Mutually translate broad topics with both Chinese and Japanese.

4. Able to read Japanese magazines and newspapers.

Business Japanese

1. Able to deal with business related matters.

Tourism Japanese

1.Able to communicate with tourism related business, such as travel agencies, restaurants, department stores, and catering services.

Japanese teaching and related research abilities

1. Able to teach Japanese.

2. Able to master the fundamental theories in Japanese teaching and literature research.

3. Able to attend and publish research in Japanese seminars.

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