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★ Freshmen orientation

To help freshmen adapt to university life, at the beginning of each academic year the Society holds such activities as tea parties and camping trips.


★The Red and White Singing Contest

This annual event provides students with an opportunity to practice their Japanese in a festive environment while showing off their singing skills.


★Japan Cup

Every March the Japanese departments from across Taiwan compete in this sporting event which also provides participants with an opportunity to learn from one another. In 2005 the Department of Applied Japanese at Aletheia University won first prize.


★Japanese Week

In response to the growing interest in Japanese culture worldwide, every year the Society holds this school-wide event featuring a wide variety of performances, a book fair, and book sale. Beginning in 2005 the event has included a Japanese ceremony which has received lots of positive feedback.


★ Irregular events

Various other recreational and social activities are held throughout the year.

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